Entry #4


2010-01-30 13:22:25 by Geneticeye

My new Website is online now!

There can also be found a FREE fullflash Website Template to download. Those who create a website with this template and get it online plz send me a link and i will link you from my website.

to website



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2010-03-11 15:33:16

that's the best flash website i have ever seen O_o

Geneticeye responds:

:) haha no its not too good just good for its purpose to showcase stuff


2010-04-02 17:48:55

Great! I personally believe that your art is the shit. Been looking forward to it. (A bit late I know, my apologies for that.)

Geneticeye responds:

haha, thx no problem


2010-04-15 04:53:31

Good to see you've still retained a prominence in the art scene of the internet with your new site. I was hoping to see more of your work around ever since the whole 'Dress my Babe,' series sort of disappeared from the front pages of Newgrounds, you're very under-appreciated in what you do, it seems more people were infatuated with something 'else,' instead of seeing how much effort and detail went into your submissions.

Which beckons the question; do you have anything big in the makes at this point in time that you haven't announced?

Geneticeye responds:

thank you, to ur question i have plans for a new game and movie but nothing started so may take some time till ill submit something new ;)


2010-04-22 03:09:26

Sounds very interesting , it's been awhile since I played your previous games on here, I'll look forward to another addition to your collection soon.

But I don't believe I have ever seen an actual flash animation from you as of yet, what details can you let go about the storyline and theme? If it's not too much to ask of you.


2010-09-27 15:14:22

your new drawing is butiful but i cant coment on it becus my computer only lets me vew art for three seconds XD on newgrounds


2011-01-05 14:50:13

PLEASE, I BEG YOU! MAKE ANOTHER DRESS MY BABE GAME! Or make more dress up games!


2011-03-15 02:29:33

Geneticeye, can you plase share the name of the songs used in Dress My Babe 6 or the song files? I want to have them in my Ipod.


2011-06-07 00:55:52

:/ Make another Dress my Babe. Cmon. They're awesome, you've been getting progressively better scores each and every time you submit, so don't you think you're going to make an even better one next?


2011-07-09 16:36:09

You remind me of Crytek with your eye.

But you're so much cooler! You express a feeling with your eye. I don't know why there is no company having a whole face as logo. In my opinion, its the most effective logo possible. Everyone would want to take a look.


2011-12-07 16:42:32

Flash is a great program, but it's just stupid to make a website entirely with it for several reasons.
i'd list them all but i don't want to list them all so here's some links that already do
http://www.newbostoncreative.com/blog /69/you-don-t-want-a-flash-site-becau se-it-will-suck
http://www.macopinion.com/index.php/s ite/more/top_ten_reasons_why_flash_su cks/